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HAT-Matrix.com is a new representation of an old standard—the Help Authoring Tool (HAT) Comparison Matrix that was available from helpstuff.com for five years (2001-2006). But instead of a static list, this site uses a searchable database. And instead of someone choosing the tools that are included, vendors choose whether to include their tools.

"After doing some initial research this past summer regarding HATs, I had to put that aside to work on other projects.  But this week I went back to the web for more research and found that you had converted your static comparison matrix into a wonderful and dynamic website for up-to-date comparisons of the various HATs.  This is much appreciated and I applaud you!"

Richard Woodall, Cook Systems Intl., Inc.

NOTE: Only vendors who have paid a fee are included in the database. Vendors provide all information about the capabilities of their tools. We make every effort to verify that the vendor-provided information is correct, but we are not experts in every tool. If you find any mistakes, please contact us (and consider writing a review).

"...Thank you for the HAT matrix. What a joy to be able to do quick comparisons! I found out what I needed to know in minutes on your site!"

Roy Lagemann, The Fanfare Group, Inc.

To look for a HAT (or to see how your current HAT compares to others), first search the database for those tools which have the features that you need. When you have narrowed the list, compare up to four HATs side-by-side.

The database is organized into different categories.

Use it as your source when you need to:

These three options let you search our database and produce reports of the results.

And stop by anytime just to see what's new! If you have any questions, please contact us.